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4 ways to improve the marketing to sales lead handoff

4 ways to improve the marketing to sales lead handoff

Lead routing is easy when you have the right criteria and the entire sales team available.

But whether it’s due to a changing go-to-market strategy, sales reps joining or leaving the team, or BDRs being on vacation or at capacity, things are rarely that simple.

What do you do when a junk lead comes through your round robin? Or when an SDR is on vacation for two weeks, but they’re still being assigned leads?

Building a contingency plan whe

3 steps to bulk update Salesforce records and automate territory reassignment

Goodbye manual reassignment, hello mass automation! That’s the key difference between the old way of doing things and the new way for territory assignment in Salesforce. Quantified, it looks like going from hundreds of account conflicts to a 60% reduction, and weeks to months of manual work being done in hours.

Best of all, we’ve broken it down into 3 steps to get your started.

Effective territory management starts with a clear definition of your territories. Are you combining, splitting, or c

Customizing lead-to-account matching in Salesforce to boost operations

Different types of matching rules in Salesforce

Understanding different matching rules in Salesforce is essential to handling data and customizing a lead-to-account matching engine that fits your team’s go-to-market needs.

Having access to different matching types and an unlimited number of rules gives you the flexibility to connect the dots between leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities to understand the biggest influences of revenue generation.

An exact match occurs when the field val

Why you need account hierarchies for enterprise account-based marketing

Enterprise ABM is most effective when you work across the hierarchy

Enterprise entities operate as a hierarchy and your account data should reflect that. Without understanding the parent-child relationships between accounts that exist within an enterprise, it’s impossible to implement an effective enterprise ABM campaign.

By being able to visualize these large, complex relationships, account hierarchies make it possible to remove these hurdles and bridge the gap between the sales and marketing

Optimizing user experience in Ontario’s iGaming market

As the first province in Canada to launch a licensed and regulated iGaming market, Ontario has seen plenty of competitive product offerings. With total gaming revenue reaching just over $1.4B CAD in year one, as reported by Deloitte, the Ontario market is not only making significant contributions to the Canadian economy, it’s bringing innovation to gaming as a whole.

Ontario’s market launch has attracted operators from around the world and created a highly competitive market. Now more than ever

Account Hierarchies: The Key Ingredient in Salesforce ABM Strategy

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a powerful strategy to target and engage high-value audiences. But to work effectively, it requires a significant operational lift to ensure that your team is making the most out of every marketing effort. That’s where account hierarchies are essential.

For starters, understanding and focusing on your audience of interest will help your team start to develop their strategy. But trying to identify target accounts, understand where those accounts sit within an ent

FIRST PERSON | I found both stress and peace in being laid off | News

This First Person article is written by Amanda Schrack, a writer living in Coquitlam, B.C. For more information about CBC's First Person stories, please see .

I've added too much lavender bubble bath to the tub. I don't usually do this. In fact, I usually add too little. But it can be difficult to know exactly what kind of mess you're in until the bubbles start to form.

At least, that's how it felt when I was told I was being laid off. What I thought would be a regular workday bubbled into an

How Thermal Imaging is Used in GIS

How Thermal Imaging is Used in GIS

Like an x-ray for temperature, thermal imaging has many applications both on and around the Earth. For many of us, our first exposure to thermal imagery was likely in a science class where you got to play around with looking at a rainbow depiction of your face or hand. However, thermal imaging is a lot more than just pretty colors. It’s a tool that we can use to monitor the Earth’s surface and gain incredible insight into various anomalies, processes, and reso

Why It’s Time to Create Your First Online GIS Portfolio

Why It’s Time to Create Your First Online GIS Portfolio

We all know the standard procedure of what to “hand in” when applying for jobs, but not all of us have considered online portfolios to be a part of our homework. As the world continues to become increasingly digital-focused, online portfolios have become more and more common in a variety of specialties.

For GIS folks, online portfolios may not have been what we were taught to create, but having one can give you a competitive edge when loo

Understanding the Difference Between GNSS, GPS, and SBAS

Understanding the Difference Between GNSS, GPS, and SBAS

Understanding navigation systems via satellites is a study within itself. Throw in acronyms for everything, and you’ve got a whole new language on your hands.

It’s easy to spell out what these acronyms stand for but knowing the context surrounding their differences and how they’re related is much more beneficial when working with different technologies or performing specific tasks. This holds true for GNSS, GPS, and SBAS – three systems

What Net Positive Water Treatment Operations Looks Like

While companies around the world are committing to delivering a net positive water impact, it’s important that those directly treating water take a net positive approach to their day-to-day operations, too. Whether it’s giving employees more time to solve problems by implementing more effective practices, partnering with and supporting other organizations to help your community thrive, or recycling more water to reduce pressure on freshwater resources, changes can be made to become more net posi

Mapping vs. Monitoring: What’s the Difference?

Mapping and monitoring are two words that often go hand in hand, but it’s not always clear exactly where their differences lie. While the two processes are required for understanding various spatial relationships that exist on the planet, what each process looks like, why they’re done, and how they’re performed are quite distinct.

Mapping is the process of making a map for the purpose of creating a static representation of a specific location. The key benefits of creating a map are to help user

The Importance of Water Treatment Chemicals

As long as water has been used by humans as a resource, it has been treated in some shape or form. Basic treatment methods such as boiling, straining, and using sand or gravel to filter water have been utilized to secure clean water for more than 4,000 years. Since then water treatment has been a dance of understanding what contaminants are in water, finding treatment solutions, and improving these methods to support more people.

Water treatment would remain relatively simple for the next 3,700

Benefits of a No Makedown Flocculant

Choosing a flocculant for your water treatment processes requires taking a step back and looking at the big picture. When you do, you’ll realize that making a decision on what flocculant is best has less to do with price by weight and more to do with the total cost to treat.

No makedown flocculants can be extremely beneficial for those looking to lower the cost of their entire water treatment process. While no makedown flocculants of the past (like solution or Mannich flocculants) provided lowe

They Call It Worm. They Call It Lame. That’s Not Its Name.

“Move over murder hornets. A new insect has people bugging out,” begins a segment for evening news viewers across the country. The story continues, but most can’t help but pause and question what just came out of their television speakers. Murder hornets?

Murder hornet has become the popularized name for Vespa mandarinia, but the established common name is simply Asian giant hornet — a name that describes where the insect is from and what it looks like. While in this case of this species the co

How to Create and Maintain Data Integrity

Do you remember the game of telephone from your childhood? Maybe you recall it as the pass-the-message game. It’s where one person starts by whispering a message to a second person, who then whispers the message to a third person, and so on. When the message reaches the final person, they say it out loud to the group, and it’s usually a message that’s drastically different from the original message.

Why does the original message change over time as it goes from person-to-person? It could be bec
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